Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The procession of bodies

I feel as if all I do is wake up, go to class and draw naked people. I mean, I really like Naked people, don't get me wrong! It's really an interesting experience that of course, dims when becoming habitual but, every once in awhile I'm really struck by how intimate it sometimes feels. Especially that moment when they're undressing. I still pretend to yawn and look away when they're meticulously peeling away the things that link them to everyday life. Am astounded when they take the time to fold their pants or align their off grey socks exactly parallel to each other haha.

I like how sitting for hours memorizing someones body makes one realize all the angles you normally don't see people from, and how skin folds and that these little quirks you see in your own body are actually mirrored in others. And suddenly all those commercial images of beauty seem to pale in comparison to what people really look like or you surprise yourself and really like something that in theory you would have thought really gross or unnattractive.

This happened to me a few weeks ago where we had this very petite female model. She was a little plain looking, even a little awkward. When she took her robe off though and turned around to pose I noticed that she had this diamond shaped patch of downy hair at the base of her back just above the cleft of her butt. At first I was a little taken aback, having been taught that any odd hair on a girl should be promptly removed! But there was something oddly pleasing about it. Just a thin patch of softness that turned her suddenly into some small  feral woodland creature. Creepy right? Does anyone else sit and really ponder the biological structures of the numerous people that tripsy into our midst each Wedensday morning?!? God I hope so!

Oop! And sorry about the image quality. Don't own a large scanner so photography had to be used and I am no photographer.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Class: Principles of Illustration

Assignment: Include three different textures with emphasis on composition.

Comments: U.U ZZZzzzzzz (not a total failure)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whhhaaaaaaaa ;__;

 Alright, so it's around two and I still have not put on legit clothes, brushed my teeth or done laundry OR HOMEWORK and have not updated and have not cleaned room in an undisclosed amount of time AND just wanna read because my apartment is so cold and I promise to update more Whaaa!

Monday, October 5, 2009

lols lols lols HARK!

Alas, fall is swiftly approaching, if not sitting unobtrusively upon our heads here in the city. Each day I wake up and the air is a little bit chillier making my bed a little bit cozier which leads to the ever pushing of the snooze button on my alarm clock. It's time to pull out all our lovely knitted hats, wooly tights (the boys call them long johns) and secretly retrace our steps back to that very first crunchy leaf we accidentally tread on a block behind us.

because yes, that first leaf is a doozy, a lone crunch that is sweeter than a million friend request on facebook. So go out, put them layers on and don't feel embarrassed for ordering a hot chocolate instead of your double shot-nonfat-foamless-soy monstrosity. Guys, I just don't want you to miss this!

Whoot whoot!