Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its the small things that matter!

Ugh, so I started in a new, slightly larger black book and I'm freaking out. Either I'm in a drawers block, the pressure of a new book too much or the pages are just to damn big! And what the bloody hell its not like i can secretly whip it out! Why did I buy this, its to large, to cumbersome and definitely not as sexy and secret!

God, its like I adopted an overweight dog or something baaahhh. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

silly black book

Yesterday I went with some friends to watch the movie Brothers Bloom and came out super restless and kind of inspired by the lifestyle that was depicted in the film. Wrote a bit about it in my silly black book and was surprised to find that it was my last page! Yes this may not sound like such a big deal but with my super low attention span I'm quite proud of this little achievement, even sad that i have to start a whole new book. 

It was hard picking which pages to show, enjoy

Monday, May 25, 2009


Went Thrift Store Shopping today because there was a fifty percent off sale (Gasp, moan, weeze!) and found this lovely little beauty (see above).

Its an old cigarette case thing that reads: 
6146th AFAG
10th F.W

Did a little research because I know nothing about anything historical and apparently it belonged to someone in the Detachment two, of the 6146th Air Force advisory group who taught the Republic of Korea air force (ROKAF) how to fly! And like part of the 10th Fighter wing but yes! This group or whatever you call it, division?, was stationed at the Suwon Air base in the 50s.  

How rad is that? I got a little piece of history for a dollar!

Though I don't smoke, maybe I'll buy a small pack of girly cigars and put them in there for special occasions and then I can pretend to be a real dame.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting the hang of it!

Have been thinking about what my next project will be. I've only been working in this silly little black book lately, mostly journaling kind of things but peppered with little doodles and pictures that I'll post a few of when I'm finished. 

Anyway, definitely want to start some oil paintings so that I can improve skill wise and get outside my comfort zone. Something along the lines of sort of rustic people found from photographs. Light skin versus dark skin, dropped eggs I don't know.

 Am always talking about that "comfort zone". As a young artist I'm always paranoid that I'm getting stuck in a rut. Being drawn to the same kind of imagery over and over again. But when I view other people's work, my peers and just the long since gone masters there's always something tying it all together. Which makes sense since to be an artist you have to be a little obsessive about something or else you just end up being another one of the forgotten. 

But then again, if one doesn't reach outside then there's no growth. Dang that learning process! Boohoo woe is me. Well whatever, heres some art from WAY WAY WAY inside my comfort zone. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An awkward introduction.

Hello there thus far non existent readers! Having the tendency to over analyze things such as introductions I figured just cutting to the chase and throwing some art your way would be better than rambling about my name, height and species of dog I owned. There's plenty of time for that later!

Welcome to Tragically Unpopular (exclamation point).