Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting the hang of it!

Have been thinking about what my next project will be. I've only been working in this silly little black book lately, mostly journaling kind of things but peppered with little doodles and pictures that I'll post a few of when I'm finished. 

Anyway, definitely want to start some oil paintings so that I can improve skill wise and get outside my comfort zone. Something along the lines of sort of rustic people found from photographs. Light skin versus dark skin, dropped eggs I don't know.

 Am always talking about that "comfort zone". As a young artist I'm always paranoid that I'm getting stuck in a rut. Being drawn to the same kind of imagery over and over again. But when I view other people's work, my peers and just the long since gone masters there's always something tying it all together. Which makes sense since to be an artist you have to be a little obsessive about something or else you just end up being another one of the forgotten. 

But then again, if one doesn't reach outside then there's no growth. Dang that learning process! Boohoo woe is me. Well whatever, heres some art from WAY WAY WAY inside my comfort zone. 

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