Monday, May 25, 2009


Went Thrift Store Shopping today because there was a fifty percent off sale (Gasp, moan, weeze!) and found this lovely little beauty (see above).

Its an old cigarette case thing that reads: 
6146th AFAG
10th F.W

Did a little research because I know nothing about anything historical and apparently it belonged to someone in the Detachment two, of the 6146th Air Force advisory group who taught the Republic of Korea air force (ROKAF) how to fly! And like part of the 10th Fighter wing but yes! This group or whatever you call it, division?, was stationed at the Suwon Air base in the 50s.  

How rad is that? I got a little piece of history for a dollar!

Though I don't smoke, maybe I'll buy a small pack of girly cigars and put them in there for special occasions and then I can pretend to be a real dame.

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