Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mooooom Are we there yet?

All I could think about today at work were monsters and Sea cucumbers. One would think that staving off boredom at a comic shop would be easy because of the mass quantities of stories and pictures available but the exact opposite is the case! haha I hardly want to pick anything up because all the inked drawings, large breasted super heroes and moody slice of life stories just end up blending into a big colorful mess that I've grown kinda weary of. Every once in awhile theres something that draws my attention, and in those rare occurrences I smuggle it off with me to read on the train or in the park far far away from work :)

Ahem, on the topic of art I have some sketchbook stuff lined up to show ya'll and am thinking of doing a little fashion mini project this summer so theres an outlet for my unhealthy need to shop. Uuum, and theres this painting... but it's kinda laying dejected next to me so we'll have to see about that.

Frankly Drawing comes more naturally than painting for me. Theres just something really mesmerizing and descriptive about markmaking, but there's this awful stigma against it. That it's a pre-art made to flesh out the "higher" art of painting. I don't know, it can serve that purpose but theres just something really natural and special about a fluid imperfect drawing. No matter how hard someone tries they'll never be able to recreate that moment perfectly. Maybe that's why illustration classes were so hard for me, because they asked for us to recreate the good in our pre-drawings and I had already given them all I had.

By the way, HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE :D feelin the heat!

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