Thursday, November 25, 2010

Times are A' Changing

Bits from my sketchbook. Leonard Foujita and his dog.

I've been a little negligent and really should try harder to work and practice this way (sketchbook), away from larger pressure laden projects. But I really dislike sketching people out in the real world. They notice, and then they posture themselves and suddenly my hands don't work properly and I hurry and do an awful job and my back hurts, and my fingers get cold. Something about being in the public sphere as an artist feels very unsafe. Have been thinking of just taking a camera around at all times to steal moments quickly without anyone noticing and then reopening them at home for me to spend time with.

I've noticed though that there's a lot of negative feelings toward artists working primarily from photography or memory. It's probably just a matter of pride and identity, like a woman refusing to take drugs to dim the sharp pangs of childbirth. Obsession with being as strong as previous generations I guess.

So Question to you guys out there: What are your opinions/ thoughts on the growing relationship between photography and traditional art techniques such as painting, printmaking and mixed media?

Also, as you may have noticed the blog is no longer named Tragically Unpopular but instead Not Quite Science. This may change back, but somehow the old title seemed too pessimistic and self deprecating. Maybe a change of title will help cultivate my ego ;)


  1. Enjoying the blog redesign. Artists are always self deprecating though. Anyway...

    I'd have to say that photography is actually harder then other mediums, not in that the act is harder, but capturing a masterpiece, whether through luck of the draw or through meticulously staged subject matter, in-camera is much harder. For that I respect it.

    I practice drawing from photography and memory all the time and often find it leads to some interesting creative flaws in the final piece. Also, practicing from living models and such is more for realism, people need to be aware that not all subjects or the artists can sit still forever. Even then I've seen a ton of realism done from photos alone.

    I am also drawn to traditional art because it gives off a human distinctiveness, and is more impressive when the difference can't be visually separated from its digital counter part easily. There is also something to be said about having a tangible piece of art in the physical realm. I also, put printmaking into this same category, but am often drawn to it more for its clean lines and reproducibility.

    But at the end of the day I'd have to say that mixed media rains king, in my opinion. As it has unlimited combination between mediums it creates limitless possibilities, especially with photography as it allows artists to manipulate a piece of reality past that of what the camera can capture.

    Though someone who becomes a master in one medium can be quite stunning as well

  2. I would agree that mixed media is definitely a prominent favorite, I know for myself, having never been someone who is very proficient in one medium/style, I like combining various media to suit my purpose. i especially loved carving rubber prints to use over magazine pages, paintings, collages, and then going in to paint/draw over that.......I should have gone to art school XD......