Monday, May 2, 2011

So this is what I do for Money.

"Gimme that sensor!"

"Oh Heeyy do we wanna deal with graphs or people?"
                                      Look at this goofy plant cell poster I made.

Fun fact: I modeled the fellow on the bottom after my Grandpa. What a nerd! I love him though, he's a retired engineer  and was working with computers back when they were giant black boxes that filled entire rooms.

So, I'm working for a company/ pile of grad students that are developing a new high school science curriculum and it's my job to make pretty pictures for their presentations and in-class demos. Not so sure how long my job is supposed to last, but it's a great opportunity and is actually getting kind of fun (le gasp!). It's wierd to think that these will be the images that the most people see. And when I say people what I really mean is BILL GATES! haha but no, really. So rad, so scary and I wish they were so much better. But I have to hold back, because these arn't meant to be magical, or egotistical on my part, or be groundbreaking art. They are tools, and thats something that is kind of hard, because all i want is romance and icecream and AAAaaarrrrtt haha but I get vacuoles. It's cool, life structures are amazing.


  1. Oh, hey, you've got your art in your art. It's art-ception!

    But really, these look RAD.