Friday, June 17, 2011

That's so...raven.

Random picture done for a work assignment. He came out a little lopsided, but since it's only meant to be maybe an inch big in the image I figure it will be alright. On a side note,  he may have the largest forhead of anyone I've ever seen... and thats coming from someone who knows big forheads!
It's one of those really great days, where you get up early and everything is working properly.  My cubicle is by a window that lets in the morning light, so I got to work in the sunshine, listen to Beyonce and draw Edgar Allan Poe, which was very fulfilling. I was thinking of redrawing him with his hair made of beedy eyed ravens, buut there's already so many pictures of Poe hanging out with Ravens that it seemed a little bit redundant.

Side Tangent: Am sitting waiting for my Friend Laura Knetzger to get here so we can drop her new awesome Bug Boy Zines, off at the local comic shops. You should buy a million copies and spread the word (Yeah, that means you anonymous few who actually read this blog!)

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