Friday, June 19, 2009

The Sentinel

Mmm, good morning today. The entire house smells like fresh quiche and bread because my mom is having a whole bunch of her friends over for brunch. Am very hungry and excited! After I plan on visiting my old high school art teacher, if I can get past security that is. But you're not here to here babbling about mundane plans, no! you're here for the art :)

So here's a little bit of what I've been doing. It all stemmed from this one night when I couldn't sleep so I just doodled a little bit. I don't know if I was distressed about something because everything that came out was kinda creepy, like dead worlds and ghosts leaving through the mouths of their hosts, rickity farm house beds etc. etc. I really liked this little (big) fellow that turned into a little painting. Not ultra happy with it because its one of those "the sketch was way better" situations but it was fun anyhoo. May go back and change the painting or just bring this character back.

Who is the sentinel you ask? Am not quite sure really. I know they're a passage way of sorts and a god-figure but beyond that I'm just as stumped as you.


  1. BEKKA. You've seen Totoro right? And Spirited Away? Well this creepy little dude reminds me of something from Spirited Away. That movie ended up leaving me after the movie was finished just because it was so bizarre. And these are so eerie! But so cool! I love your work. :)

  2. Of course, Miyazaki is like the Godfather to me, I remember watching Princess Mononoke for the first time and being stunned. Yeah i understand the "film" you're talking about. That whole movie is so otherworldly and great and beautifut its kind of like walking into the underworld and having to not eat anything or you're stuck there forever.

    and thanks :D

  3. meant "beautiful" and "its like walking into the underworld and not being aloud to eat anything for fear of being stuck forever" haha apparently I can't type properly!