Monday, June 8, 2009

She was a wicked one.

This last christmas i received the book Wicked but due to the rush to get packed and back to school i completely forgot it and never even gave it a second thought until this summer when I was searching for something to read. Such a good decision!
It chronicles the life of the Elphaba who otherwise known as the wicked witch we all were taught to love to hate. I don't want to spoil the plot to anyone because the entire process of re-exploring Oz is so wonderful, but it brings up such themes as the route of evil, the intricacies of first love, obsession...
Maybe its how the author describes the character of Elphaba that makes it so fascinating. She's such a noble broken creature who is constantly at odds with the prejudices that destiny seems to have for her. Even though she is green, spindly like a dried up bird and sometimes too smart for her own good theres still an evident pride she has for her own odd nature that leads her to cradle her freakishness lovingly. One gets so wound up in her character that when she starts to fall from the graces of all those in Oz who cared for her it stings as if her failures are ones own. 
Ok, so maybe I totally relate to her and thats why the book really spoke to me, but whatever it's still fantastic!
 Also, here are two pictures for you. Though I spoke so much about the Wicked Witch the major Oz inspired image is depicting the the four that started it all! Its not a scene from the Wizard of Oz or Wicked but just something that popped up in my sketchbook that I decided to pursue. The other picture is just a bad sketch/ water color from the silly black book done right after finishing Wicked. Dorothy isn't supposed to have emo hair, I just accidentally ruined the paper her eyes were drawn on and had to not so subtly cover it up, whoops!

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