Monday, September 14, 2009

The Obligatory "So hows school going?"

**With the start of school comes the lacking of time issue, but I'm going to shoot for updating this here blog once a week, however if push comes to shove and things get too hectic (like during finals) I may skip a week. Not sure who I'm talking to haha but whatevs.  

This is the Watermelon girl and the grape girl and a cuttlelfish. 
Aha! I'm currently communicating to you via the School of Visual Arts computer lab since scheduling has created a six (yes six!) hour gap between my two classes today. Alas, its alright since thus far today's classes have been great. My Principles of Illustration teacher got the class (or me at least) really jazzed about illustration, and fighting to be the absolute best artist you can be. Oh dang. The guy clearly knows what he's doing. He was able to inspire and scare us all totally shitless!

Do you guys ever think that life in general is way more interesting than we give it credit for? I mean really, i feel as if, especially in the past week, the combination of old characters popping up in my life, and mini adventures and just beautiful blips in time have grown frequent. Its not all good, but the structure of life itself has shifted a little bit and being able to look back at the summer has brought up even more almost heartbreaking realizations. That being said, this week may be as boring as the last was exhilarating hahah. 

Listened to that song from the Where the Wild Things are Trailer? The one by Arcade Fire? Listen to it now, I have it on loop.

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  1. Yes, isn't that Arcade Fire song so lovely?

    I also find the shaded knees of your Watermelon and Grape girls visually pleasing. IDK why.