Monday, September 7, 2009

I wish I were at Versaille.

Hello everyone out in cyberspace. Sorry about the lack of updates, I've moved and have no internet! or scanner! But thats okay, to tell you the truth i havn't really done anything creative because of all the running around. However since it is the last day of summer before school starts, an entry seemed to be appropriate. Thus lacking art i've been combing my computer for something interesting to share with you and came up with these pictures from not this summer's, but last summer's trip I went on with my french class

As you may have guessed this is the Palace of Versaille in France. I don't often take photos, but having been threatened by my mother to bring photo documentation of everything on the trip I snapped more pictures than I had snapped in my entire life. What was so great was that once I got used to wielding the camera, i was no longer sure what was picture worthy and what wasn't. I didn't want to miss one moment of the entire trip and so everything from candy, to errant squirrels to funny old men were captured on my camera forever.

I was watching Two Days in Paris (which is a super cute movie, I highly recommend it) and the main character, a photographer complains about her boyfriend constantly taking photos on their super romantic Europe trip and that he became a bystander instead of participating in this great adventure they were having together. This is so true! You don't know how many masses of tourists I see walking about New York just globbed into groups with their cameras out.

Are we all this terrified of forgetting? That was the reason I took photos. Being a little more forgetful than the average person, I'm bewildered to know that so many moments are lost to us once gone and that the only way we will ever be able to find them is if somehow they're fished out by some smell or song. Its all so random. 

So be careful folks! If something amazing happens write it down! Take a picture! But have faith in your memory too. Anyway, wishing everyone a great first day of school/ work/ life!

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