Thursday, March 18, 2010


Whoa, I didn't realize how bad blogger faded images, but dang these look awful! Haha, anyway, this is a snippet from an ongoing project in my Storytelling/ bookmaking class where I'm illustrating Plato's symposium, specifically the part talking about the origin of love.

Am not enjoying this project very much, mostly because of the pace at which we have to turn out work and the constant headbutting with the teacher over the medium I'm using (acrylic). Also the longevity of the project doesn't really allow for much growth. The entire class has been a bumpy ride because of the odd relationship with the teacher. On the one hand I think they're really nice and a fantastic artist. However my ideas and work habits are always met with borderline disrespect. Bummer yes, but whatever, will pump out the last few pieces and call it quits, FINITO SUMMER WHOOOO. MONTHS OF FREEDOM!SUNSHINE!BEACH!ICECREAM!!

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