Sunday, September 12, 2010


How did I get in this rut? When did I get so lazy? Is it laziness or just plain disinterest? Whats the point of exploring personal issues when nothing ever seems to change or get solved? Why draw? Am I just a frankenstein composite of a bunch of better and more interesting people? Does leaving SVA take away my merit as an artist? AM I AN ARTIST AT ALL? Is it giving up if I just want to go to school and learn about China for awhile?
Time for a sabbatical. The Blog and I have to air out.


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  2. I think I fell into the same thing not to long ago. The rock star mentality and connotations of what made up the average hipster designer as well as how the instructors tried to mold their ideas of what a designer really was into our heads, it all just made me really sick and I got sorta depressed after the school year ended.

    Leaving an art school does not make you any less of an artist, and further more, people are not so one dimensional that art, or what have you, has to be the only thing that someone can be interested in. In fact, I believe that it is all the other things that we as people gain from external experiences that extend and advance our literacy as artists/designers/musicians/etc. In fact I am not ashamed by the fact that my most interesting class this semester is Medieval Philosophy.

    Stepping away from it all and understanding that your field of study is not the only thing that life has to offer is a good thing.

    Now stop being all gloom and doom and call me up sometime. I'd love to come hang and meet your new kitty.