Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're not sure what kind of love this is.

Originally this piece was meant to be part of a series at least three pieces long about dominance, both sexual and social. After sketching out the images that were to follow I realized they were just cute pornagraphy haha which of course I really like but didn't fit in with this first image which loosely dealt with obediance and waiting. Maybe later I'll post some more naughty bits since as seedlings they looked pretty compellingly dirty and exploitative.

Special thanks to Morgan Conley, who last time we hung out showed me how to make it so you can color BEHIND your inked work. Have been asking around for literally ages on how to do this but nobody was ever able to give a straight answer! Was so excited, because it's really very important to be able to preserve the original drawing in all it's texture and minute mistakes and not just throw it all away in exchange for a clean yet fingerprintless line art thats only meant to hold robotically filled color.

Also, another friend Andrew Werner, reminded me that one of the perks of digital art work is how easily textures and colors can be spliced in. Collage used to seem very dishonest to me and I was closed to it's possibilities because egotistically I wanted to be able to take credit for every single aspect of what I created. As my computer slowly becomes a holding bank for stolen images it has become undeniable how important of a relationship my generation has with photography and video. That even if I wasn't directly using imagery in my pictures I was just as much of an image burgler as anyone else.

Quick fact: the background is blown up pixelated parts of colors found in photographs of the red light district in Amsterdam.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Was planning on painting... but didn't you get the memo?! painting is obsolete.

So I'm moving to the South Pole.

Friday, September 17, 2010

woman white

A Soft Spot for...

guess who?

shamble heads

These women, they're kind of like weathervanes. Originally they were supposed to be really graphic and sterile so the computer seemed like the obvious choice but the process wasn't that fun. Also I was unsure of where the image was going as a whole. Here is also a watercolor version that became a little bit more stormy.

Ribbon around a bomb.

Hello everyone, as you can see I couldn't stay away. I JUST REALLY LIKE BLOGGING YOU GUYS! Plus I really like making pictures so there you go, crisis averted. And do you know what got me so quickly out of my slump? A movie about Frida Kahlo... Whaaa??

It's true, modern Hollywood has created something kind of great. The Format of the film is narrative and then a tie in to one of Frida's paintings. She really was something else and quite inspiring really. The impression that the director of the film gave was that Instead of defining herself by her artwork Frida merely lived her life and then painted as a way to sort of funnel and describe the numerous wordless pains and joys that would spring up. She was quietly brilliant. A first look at her paintings suggest an obsession with the self that borderlines on the narcissistic. A closer look at the circumstances of her paintings suggest a different interpretation.

Frida worked I daresay mostly from her bed? Earlier in her life, before art had taken precidence, she was caught in a harrowing car accident where along with having almost all her bones broken, a pipe traveled through her right side and exited OUT OF HER UTERUS. Throughout Frida's life she would go through multiple surgeries and suffer from chronic pain that would pull her focus from the outside back to her own broken sorry excuse for a body. As an artist honesty seems to be the best policy, and what is more honest then unashamedly saying "All I think about is how my nerves are screaming and how my heart is hearting, All I think about is me!". Because really we all love thinking about ourselves. Frida is just able to paint the nasty bits that we can relate to and make them beautiful. Gaahhh so good!

Blah Blah Blah so much ranting! The point is I look up to Frida, and it was really inspiring to hear about this person who was so uncompromising when it came to her art and life. The End. Now look at this Bangin picture they took of her for Vogue! So fashionable!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


How did I get in this rut? When did I get so lazy? Is it laziness or just plain disinterest? Whats the point of exploring personal issues when nothing ever seems to change or get solved? Why draw? Am I just a frankenstein composite of a bunch of better and more interesting people? Does leaving SVA take away my merit as an artist? AM I AN ARTIST AT ALL? Is it giving up if I just want to go to school and learn about China for awhile?
Time for a sabbatical. The Blog and I have to air out.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Boobies got folds yo.

The other day I was watching that documentary/ film about the four different babies growing up around the world, appropriately titled Babies. One of the kids was from the Himba tribe in Namibia where the women coat their bodies and hair in a red clay that not only tints them a beautiful earthy crimson but also protects them from the sun that constantly beats down on them. They're jewlery is also very practical, particularly their tall metal anklets that protect their shins from poisonous snake bites! Plus the baby boys have these adorable little braided mohawks. Overall visually the tribe is visually fascinating and has earned a steady stream of tourists that borderline fetishize the proud women who walk around bare-chested regardless of age or body type.

And who can bloody blame them! I wish I could walk around shirtless, or at least wear sheer clothing. In New York it was actually legal, but how could one even fathom it when just wearing a skirt garners so much innapropriate male attention? How much healthier would the world be if women were allowed to bare it all without the fear of a sharp pinch or even sharper yelps? Though giant breast implants are now on the outs trend wise (hurrah!), what a breast actually looks like seems to still be a mystery to most. Since women arn't encouraged to be shown the breasts and bodies of others (because of society's rampant fear of homosexuality or honest sexuality of any kind) everyone just walks around thinking they're hella freaky and constantly apologizing, when really they're totally fine. Better than fine, BANGIN'!

At some point western (primarily American) culture decided that it was unnatural and unnatractive to be human... aaaannnddd to be alive.

It's wrong. They're wrong. The end.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nervous Greetings

Ok, so grey tones and simplicity are a good thing heh.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thought that I'd just spend the day making a bunch of silly no pressure mini-comics. Here's the first two. I by no means consider myself a comic artist because I completely disregard any common sense that would normally be applied to a decent comic lol. Which, you guys, is really fun! And a pretty good excercise in just spewing ideas when you think the well is totally dry.
Goodbye good drawing and hello plotless self indulgence!