Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hip-ley's Believe it or not!

Today was very frustrating to say the least. My shoes hurt my feet, I ruined my favorite shirt by splashing oil based ink on it, missed a bus, and spent six hours on printing and have nothing to show for it even though the drawing lovely. So to try and turn the day around I did a digital mock up that slightly resembles what I had in mind when I stepped into the studio most optimistically. This project was meant to be fun!! I really have to fight the urge to combine my school work with my "professional" or illustration practice. These classes are skill classes and they should go better as long as I focus only on learning the techniques, not the end product. How can a ruined piece of paper create such emotional crisis?!

Though I wish monoprinting was coming a little easier to me, my digital art work sometimes takes on a lot of the characteristics of an original print. Often I merge all the layers to prevent myself from going back after a few different versions have been made. Which is similar to "striking" a plate once an edition is done. That way the complete freedom of the computer program can be utilized but then made special by willingly closing the chapter on that image. One could even go further and completely delete the original file but that seems a bit rash, at least for a clutter-bug like me. 

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