Sunday, March 27, 2011


We all feel like monsters sometimes!

One of those times you're like "oh man, so original!" and then you realize you probably stole it from this guy:

Hahaha oh well, Nick Cave is a genius, so no biggie. When people aren't wearing his soundsuits they have this presence in the gallery. A few days ago i met a friend for lunch and we were talking about the power objects get when they've been handled and used by people. It's definitely a strange idea, but makes so much natural sense. The more something is loved, or hated, or passively woven into our everyday life the more it changes and becomes something we later cherish. Maybe not necessarily always a power that exists because people do but then that goes into that whole "if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound" concept.

Anyway, Francine was actually one monster out of many. If I can find the original magic marker sketches I'll do them too and montage them into an epic birthday scene! But really, they may be lost to the abyss that is my bookshelf. You see, I tend to shove notes, checks and other important documents in between my books and under objects to keep them safe...and then lose them.

Tomorrow is back to school and back to work. A bittersweet goodbye to Spring break. I gotta get my learn on :)

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  1. Some of the Cornish dance kids got to wear these for a day. So jealous.