Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are not

An oil painting that got rejected from the UW juried competition. Now I don't feel so bad, since the fellow who chose the pieces didn't like representational work or vibrantly colored pieces or photography but I can see why it didn't get in. Both paintings I submitted look amazing in the proper light, but up close there are places where the painting is thin and dirty. But why would that be a problem? A pile of dirt got into the show lol (No really, a pile of dirt made it).

Right now am sort of walking into some imagery that I can't quite explain. Am feeling very drawn to this imaginary biological interior, veiny, pulsating and there are people, but they're more like vessels for one distinct state of being. Slightly fetishy and exploitational. Am planning another larger painting that deals with similar themes but am going to try and address some problems such as contrast, and my fear of more lively brushstrokes.

But fear not my small group of loyal readers goofy watercolor monsters are on the distant horizon!

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