Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reinventing the wheel.

Look what change in medium did! (above)

Bought a sketchbook and am practicing. Because that's what I need, practice, not just technically but practice being able to pick out what I like about how I work, what imagery I'm comfortable with and just getting over the fear of making something ugly. Basically am practicing BEING PRODUCTIVE. Also it's important that I just get more focused and precise for work. 
It's very wierd, actually, what you can discover and feel when you're drawing. For me I've noticed that there's different gears I fall into, theres slow and layered, there's the sort of practiced cartoony and then theres the richocheting around where the drawings are about to shake apart. The goal is to eventually be able to start utilizing how I draw in finished pieces, especially the shaky bit and let go of the idea that my work, illustration or otherwise is ever going to fit in anywhere.

Thanks for listening guys, fun stuff coming up, I'm making a Spring mixtape!

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