Thursday, April 21, 2011


Breakthrough! (And wow, low cut top lol)

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED! I know what I want to do after undergrad! I know what I want to study, I KNOW OMG I KNOW! So in practice I'm an illustrator and obsessed with images but have trouble sticking to the ideologies of print arts and more modern conceptualizing thats so in vogue and know that I'd be totally discontent just blindly following one art practice, because I'm on the fence about illustration as a boxed artform and the formlessness of contemperary art. Whenever someone tries to force an artistic truth It's hard not to see the holes in it, the self congratulatory tone of art critiqe and the necessary exclusion of people that's necessary to artifically produce an art economy. This art lecture course has really opened my eyes to how art now belongs to those who are able to argue their ideas the best and overpower the less articulate. Which means more talk, less art. Aka (derp!) politics? WHAA?!

Containing excitement.
It's basic powerplays. Idk, oh my god, I don't want to be stuck in that swamp, I want to study it. How do images change us, how has it been used historically to control people as a whole, how it's being used now, how it shapes racial/ sexual/ collective identity etc. etc.

This is hella rambly, and makes no sense, but for some reason I feel like I've hit something important, something that I've kept overlooking.

Visual Artist by day, Vigilante Art Historian by Night! Huzzah!! (Or maybe the other way around haha)
Done and back to work!

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  1. Makes hella sense to me. Your breakthrough face is fantastic, by the way.