Monday, August 15, 2011

Painting Update part 1:

My painting is going in an odd direction, as you'lle likely make note of in the posts to come. This is where I started, imagery I'm comfortable with, but built on a surface that was more about how the materials reacted to gravity and light. As well as questioning why I was making a specific move within the painting instead of placing colors and visual information just because it would make the painting look more professional or identifiable as "art". 

There's even a pocket of excitement in creating something that can't be fully understood through photographs, prints and distributed like a virus through the internet, something that's become an obsession in the art world. Everythings, digital video, viewer controlled, computer generated, quick, 4g, social network overloaded and immediately disposable once the new status update is made. Digital work is becoming increasingly important for me but sometimes I get all paranoid that the digital images don't count or exist with the same integrity. It's so elitist but I can't help it! haha :) Talk about artistic self loathing and split morals!   

There's nothing like ranting about technology on your blog and uploading photos of your "real" paintings via picture phone heh 

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