Sunday, March 27, 2011


We all feel like monsters sometimes!

One of those times you're like "oh man, so original!" and then you realize you probably stole it from this guy:

Hahaha oh well, Nick Cave is a genius, so no biggie. When people aren't wearing his soundsuits they have this presence in the gallery. A few days ago i met a friend for lunch and we were talking about the power objects get when they've been handled and used by people. It's definitely a strange idea, but makes so much natural sense. The more something is loved, or hated, or passively woven into our everyday life the more it changes and becomes something we later cherish. Maybe not necessarily always a power that exists because people do but then that goes into that whole "if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound" concept.

Anyway, Francine was actually one monster out of many. If I can find the original magic marker sketches I'll do them too and montage them into an epic birthday scene! But really, they may be lost to the abyss that is my bookshelf. You see, I tend to shove notes, checks and other important documents in between my books and under objects to keep them safe...and then lose them.

Tomorrow is back to school and back to work. A bittersweet goodbye to Spring break. I gotta get my learn on :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Turn Away Woman (Linolium Blockprint)


Busy Home

Linolium Block Print
Waayyy too busy, but am still fond of it. All I heard during the critique was "Oh my god just like van gogh!". Dear class, I don't think Van Gogh has dibs on stylized wood grain. Just sayin!

Monoprint Final

Original Plate plus some tone/ textures

Intro to Intaglio and Drypoint

Original Plate printed in Black.

Lead up to final Monoprint Projects

Slimy Sweaty Embrace

We are not

An oil painting that got rejected from the UW juried competition. Now I don't feel so bad, since the fellow who chose the pieces didn't like representational work or vibrantly colored pieces or photography but I can see why it didn't get in. Both paintings I submitted look amazing in the proper light, but up close there are places where the painting is thin and dirty. But why would that be a problem? A pile of dirt got into the show lol (No really, a pile of dirt made it).

Right now am sort of walking into some imagery that I can't quite explain. Am feeling very drawn to this imaginary biological interior, veiny, pulsating and there are people, but they're more like vessels for one distinct state of being. Slightly fetishy and exploitational. Am planning another larger painting that deals with similar themes but am going to try and address some problems such as contrast, and my fear of more lively brushstrokes.

But fear not my small group of loyal readers goofy watercolor monsters are on the distant horizon!

Monday, March 21, 2011


1. Lots of Dead stuff

Ok, so what the hell is that in the bottom left? Like an alien termite or something!! Also, notice the Lord of the flies pig head, it is my favorite.

Googly contour drawings are very fun to do.

Back to reality!

Phew! Just returned from collecting and cleaning out my drawers/ lockers from the last quarter so will slowly be scanning and documenting it all, so check back over the next few days for new stuff :). Originally was most excited over the larger projects but had forgotten all the wierd drawings that had been collecting at the bottom of the pile. Some of which I'm sure, when added to certain behaviours probably painted me in a very, lets say, unbalanced light hahaha.

Guuhh I really have to get a sketchbook since next quarter I'll be responsible for myself, no studio classes, just two science classes and an artist lecture seminar. Poo.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

There have been a lot of deadlines lately. Last week I was somewhat on top of it, and then everything compounded onto this weekend and I totally shut down. Artistically I feel really fractured, and am not so sure anymore if I'm really cut out for illustration.  Am working for a UW company but feel like I'm letting them down. How can I explain to them that I'm not a machine? I can write a twelve page paper in one night, but can't seem to draw or color under the same constraints ( as can be seen below). And feel sick to my stomach when I have to compromise quality.

On a differing topic, does anybody have thoughts/ opinions on antidepressants? 
Don't worry guys, one week until spring break and I can show you all the cool things I've made :) 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Final Critiques.

Don't Panic.