Thursday, July 30, 2009

Be careful, he looks mighty sketchy.

Forgot to tell you that I put away the beasty little black book and bought a smaller one mostly for writing. Just felt really weighed down by what I had put in the big one you know? But lucky for you guys, because I love your so much I'll post some of the tid bits that had been doodled in it. Oh yes and an illustration.

Meant to go along with the last blog entry. Once again I suceeded in puking as many colors as possible onto a piece of paper! Oh the humanity! hahaha also unintentionally neutered the poor fellow! le sigh.

Lip plate love.

Coyote boy pouncing on a pheasant. Absolutely no correlation with Where the Wild Things Are (Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen) since i was only introduced to that book after. But I did then fall deeply in love with it, like hella, AND NOW THEY'RE MAKING A MOVIE OF IT AND I AM SO EXCITED I COULD CRY! 

Owl love, not of the hipster persuasion.

Idea for a painting I kind of wanted to do, but never did LAZY!


  1. Now that you know about Where The Wild Things Are all the hype makes a crap ton of sense don't it? hah. I also love the coyote boy but if you add a sceptor and a crown it would correlaitify.

  2. Except he's a coyote! TOTALLY DIFFERENT lol