Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freudian Goodbye Song

In the past week-ish I'd thought I was in a bit of a rut, but really it was just taking a bit for the next pictures to pop up in my head. As the title suggests these pictures were inspired by Sigmund Freud very indirectly. Very VERY indirectly.

I'm not sure how it is with other artists, but alot of times the images I want to draw pop up and then during the execution of the piece I have the time to analyze why I was so drawn to this particular story, or person and sometimes theres not necessarily a particular message or story to be told, just sort of a hazy feeling. 

For these pieces there is a very specific story plot, but then hopefully a meta-message of like childhood dreaming, curiosity and how perverse children can really be all the while being completely innocent because their whole sense of shame and morals havn't quite been defined by the standards of the majority *takes breath* oh and a whole bunch of other silly things.

See here I am overanalyzing it when in the beginning all I wanted to create was a pretty picture! Would like to make clear that rantings in this blog are by no means the end meaning of my art, just what pops up while I'm stooped over the piece of paper. Hopefully people are able to look beyond that and sort of dig up their own nitty gritties on it! 

Kids have been popping up a lot lately, no it is most likely not some wierd maternal innard calling out but just the end product of being surrounded by small children due to my job and my mom's career as a preschool teacher. Plus whatever, for the first part of my life all I ever drew was half naked anime girls so i must balance out the shame somehow :)

Guffaw Guffaw Guffaw!

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