Sunday, November 29, 2009

Many a Turkey have walked these roads.

I went to Canal Street today to get lenses put in my new glasses and since It would take an hour I did a little exploring of the marketplace there. There were all these piles of dried mushrooms and miscellaneous roots and blue clawed crabs trying to escape. Noticed a woman picking these blackish figures out of a barrel. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was an entire pile of live toads the size of dinner plates.

It was so mesmerizing! At first you thought there was just the top layer of frogs, but the barrel was deep and every once in awhile another green bulging face would surface and push the others aside in an attempt for freedom. The Woman purchasing the toads kept flipping them over and trading out hers for better specimens. I asked her "How do you know which ones are the good ones?" She looked at me, smiled, and kind of did a series of mini bows before scuffling off leaving me quite perplexed.

The urge to reach in and stroke their slick knobbly skin was making my fingertips tingle, but the image of one of thing swallowing my arm in their bottomless gaping mouth deterred me from following through, dangit!

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