Monday, November 9, 2009

VIKING (Its the braids, swear to god!)

Story Time! So while doing this illustration late last night (late due to my own inability to self motivate) I kept trying to figure out why it looked funny. "why does this look funny?" I asked myself, holding it at arms length, putting it on the floor and tacking it to the wall and taking a few steps back. "SOMETHING IS WRONG!" 

Then of course the moment the teacher looks at it he goes on the second rant of the class about how we need to master perspective. Somehow in my stupor I had aligned the tiles incorrectly, and somehow skewed the wall so that it creates this crazy triangular room... where the walls will never connect haha, whoops.  Also got burned for the hands, which I didn't really care about because that was more of a stylistic choice than practical, but will have to keep in mind that others may think it's a mistake.

Buut, the ultra upside is that while talking about a classmates work, the Professor was like "YA'LL ARE AFRAID" (not exact words mind you) but then he gestured toward me and said something about not being afraid. Guys I've never been called any kind of brave in my entire life. On the contrary, I always wanna puke when the class gets to critiquing my work. Thus am surfing on a little self-esteem wave at the moment. However am all too aware of how said wave can disappear. Now feel a bit of pressure not disappoint anybody. OH MY am total weenie.

My life revolves around school at the moment, so sorry if you get tired of hearing about the same class. Will try to give you something a bit more fulfilling for the next post :)

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