Thursday, July 30, 2009

Be careful, he looks mighty sketchy.

Forgot to tell you that I put away the beasty little black book and bought a smaller one mostly for writing. Just felt really weighed down by what I had put in the big one you know? But lucky for you guys, because I love your so much I'll post some of the tid bits that had been doodled in it. Oh yes and an illustration.

Meant to go along with the last blog entry. Once again I suceeded in puking as many colors as possible onto a piece of paper! Oh the humanity! hahaha also unintentionally neutered the poor fellow! le sigh.

Lip plate love.

Coyote boy pouncing on a pheasant. Absolutely no correlation with Where the Wild Things Are (Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen) since i was only introduced to that book after. But I did then fall deeply in love with it, like hella, AND NOW THEY'RE MAKING A MOVIE OF IT AND I AM SO EXCITED I COULD CRY! 

Owl love, not of the hipster persuasion.

Idea for a painting I kind of wanted to do, but never did LAZY!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Crow quit squakin!

Though I want to make this blog mostly about my art, it is quite difficult to completely leave out personal feelings and happenings, because thats really the root of art and fiction. Or is fiction the root of art. Whats that saying? Life imitates art?  Anyway, the point of this entry isn't really about anything in particular, just the thoughts that have been circling around this vacuum of summer.

I just finished this book, The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by. Its basically about what we percieve as reality and what it becomes once all logic and explanation have been abolished. It really struck a chord because instead of spouting all this matrix-y mumbo jumbo it sticks to only the nameless. The Diseases people carry inside are nameless, there are bad people but the author never goes as far as to call them evil, relationships are left unfinished and un persued. The character literally has less than seven people whom he talks to and the rest of the world gets pushed to the wayside. But that doesn't matter so much, because those few people in turn connect him to people in the past and future. People he has never met are able to become almost like aquaintances or even close friends (and enemies).  He is then driven to save his run-away wife Kumiko and wait for her, but he is only really able to achieve this by staying within his bubble of a world. 

On a not so completely unrelated note I've also been thinking about the human heart. Not really the organ (which is really cool, for example did you know that the individual cells of a heart beat themselvese?) but more our capacity to love another human being. I think we easily love people when we're little. Because our world is still small we really value those around us and when we break apart from each other it hurts a whole lot because our world is literally breaking apart! Like do you remember when one of your friends moved away in grade school? IT WAS DEVASTATING!!! You would then exchange those funny best friend necklaces haha remember those?

Naturally we tend to seek out better people and things to love, its almost like a never ending cycle of humansitic consumerism. This leads to indescision and the breaking of ties for greener pastures. But at what point should we stop looking? And should we ever stop looking? People now have the means to be whoever they want, to live wherever they want, travel wherever. It's such a tantalizing and tempting option to just continue to be in transit and never quite reach the goal. But to actually build a tie between two people, not necessarily a sexual laison but just a friendship, one has to willingly come to a standstill and block out whatever could interfere.

Which we don't always want to do, so then we again break those ties, move on and make another. In doing that storybook love becomes useless doesn't it? Whats the use of building something when it is considered so replaceable and chuckable? 

Why are these entries always such downers? Lets see, today was really great because I had a bitchin italian soda, oh yeah ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why won't it grow?

I'm a bit distressed by the rut I've fallen into in respects to my art. It just seems to be the same colors and types of characters I've always done.

here it goes with that box again, you know the one I can never quite get out of! Baaahhh humbug what a lame-o I am, especially this summer.

You know I had the full intention of creating these beautiful oil paintings, "serious art" but I always end up liking my drawings better or shamefully don't have the initiative or attention span to follow through.

AND I HAVN'T TOUCHED MY SKETCHBOOK IN AGES! Its so bad! So Maybe I'll stop doing these mini projects for awhile and just start working in my silly black book again. Observe the world a bit more and actually start writing again. Well, maybe after I do this mini-comic I was thinking of...

Oi, this journal was never meant to be a pity party, so I'm going to stop, take a haitus and come back with something actually worth sharing that will enrich your lives. Stay tunes ladies and gentlemen!

P.S. Photoshop can suck it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quiet in the city.

Originally it was going to say " I will be wild for you" but it didn't seem to fit. Used a reference photo taken for a drawing final.
Dang, for once this girl just doesn't have much to say.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freudian Goodbye Song

In the past week-ish I'd thought I was in a bit of a rut, but really it was just taking a bit for the next pictures to pop up in my head. As the title suggests these pictures were inspired by Sigmund Freud very indirectly. Very VERY indirectly.

I'm not sure how it is with other artists, but alot of times the images I want to draw pop up and then during the execution of the piece I have the time to analyze why I was so drawn to this particular story, or person and sometimes theres not necessarily a particular message or story to be told, just sort of a hazy feeling. 

For these pieces there is a very specific story plot, but then hopefully a meta-message of like childhood dreaming, curiosity and how perverse children can really be all the while being completely innocent because their whole sense of shame and morals havn't quite been defined by the standards of the majority *takes breath* oh and a whole bunch of other silly things.

See here I am overanalyzing it when in the beginning all I wanted to create was a pretty picture! Would like to make clear that rantings in this blog are by no means the end meaning of my art, just what pops up while I'm stooped over the piece of paper. Hopefully people are able to look beyond that and sort of dig up their own nitty gritties on it! 

Kids have been popping up a lot lately, no it is most likely not some wierd maternal innard calling out but just the end product of being surrounded by small children due to my job and my mom's career as a preschool teacher. Plus whatever, for the first part of my life all I ever drew was half naked anime girls so i must balance out the shame somehow :)

Guffaw Guffaw Guffaw!