Monday, February 1, 2010

I SWEAR IT WILL GET BETTER, any second now.

Yaaaaayy, haha, here's Marie Antoinette in a confusing composition devoid of proper contrast or watercolor technique OR ANATOMY!
Man, Does anyone else ever just get really frusterated at their current predicament. I feel really wierd right now, maybe because illustration as a focal point of my art just seems to fit a little less every day. Or maybe its just because I've been listening to conceptual artists too much. Either way, my disinterest in my assignments, school and traditional art school education in general has left everything a little rickity, so i've been analyzing what being successful in art means to me, and how I can fit that into the real world and somehow survive financially all at the same time!

But yes, realize that these little introspectual rantings are really not that fun to read, so I'll try uploading little interesting tidbits that are seperate from my art, because I have so much more that i want to share with you guys! SO MANY BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS AND TOYS AND MUSIC AND LOVE and hate lol.
Am making a gooey lovey dance mix, so stay tuned!

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