Sunday, February 28, 2010

You may just want to ignore this. (Edit: or maybe not)

Ready your army of the world's smallest violins, because this is gonna be a doozy!

Hey Guys guess what?! It's late and I'm tired and angry. Why? Because I make pieces of crap like this! I'm pretty darn selfish, so you know what? I'm gonna tell SVA to suck it and puke me back into the real world where I can actually take the time to paint, print, make pictures that actually matter and get a real education! It's Almost too scandelous to even fathom! Two and a half months and counting folks and I'm OUTA HEYA!
Ok, I have to grow up and realize a few things. The first being that I am not technically sufficient enough to fully realize what I'm trying to do in my art. I am a baby. The Second is that if I don't actually spend the time practicing and opening myself to new things I will never become a great artist, or even a good one.
Sitting this morning in the aftermath of what could only be called a panic attack, it has become clear that my anger is normally directly linked to my frustration. My brain shuts off and I work myself into such a state that the entire world seems to bend in, suck my breath away and make progress impossible. Recently I read the horoscope section of the Village Voice and it said that it is a good time to face ones bad habits and self inflicted "learning disabilities" and conquer them. So that is exactly what I am Going to do!
Also I would like to apologize to SVA, which is a legitimate art school that I owe a lot to. Especially the teachers who have done nothing but help and guide me. But at some point one has to learn to guide oneself and stop relying on an institutionalized schooling to give a sense of worth and accomplishment. I AM NOT SAYING EDUCATION IS NOT IMPORTANT!! It's just that you have to find a place that nurtures all aspects of a student and leaves enough open for personal aspiration and exploration. So wish me luck :)

By the way, here is the piece based off a short story about a woman who was eating too much and a man who was eating too little because they were so sexually frustrated lol. I actually liked parts of it this morning when I woke up, but just as I found it unclear so did my classmates (He's supposed to be wrapping around her), so expect at least some sort of redo, because I loved the underdrawing and really want to save it!

Looking on the bright side: the colors were strong enough in real life without the help of the computer and I got complimented on the improvement of my composition :D

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