Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Personal Dump of Everything Post!

Who would have thought that a day of surprise slushy snow in the city could lead to such a wonderful day! It was so cozy in the print studio and the bustling environment just made me wanna lift heavy objects and beat on my chest like King Kong. Was my first day aqua-tinting (adding tone) to my printing plates and felt like a boss when it was all done. While walking home in the dark, looking up at all the fuzzy lights and buildings shooting up *sigh* I don't know guys its corny but there was a little magic.

So to commemorate this happiness I've decided to compile a list of other things that have recently been making me giddy and feel absolutely full inside (haha thats what she said!) via the wonders of Youtube! :

Blade Runner

So, Finally I've seen this in it's totality and have fallen head over heels in love. Theres just so much going on in this film, the craftmanship, the concepts, just how the character's seem to burn their way into your head. I wanna imprint all the beautiful images into my skin and brain forever. Plus, am totally loving Deckard and Rachel (who have a far more healthy relationship in the film, than in the original book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep) Plus, dang, I can't get over how perfect it was to make this film in the eigties. Its like the whole fashion and mentality of the era was able to be used to add this irridescent grime to everything that would have been polished away if it had waited to be made in the present day of political correctness and computer graphics. Plus, SHOULDERPADS HEYO!

Lady Gaga

Alright, lets just get this out in the open, I LOVE LADY GAGA. It started with some mild brainwashing on behalf of my surrogate roommate and just took off from there. Am not sure what it is since I really don't usually buy into media hype idolization of celebrities but theres just something that really hooked me. haha Don't know how to explain it but absolutely love all her electro beats, Cher inspired, Discotheque street pounding sensibilites. Plus, alright theres just this dual nature to her songs that kills me. Like yeah, they're simple and are basically just over used hooks, but within that refined bubblegum is something with a bit more depth than expected. While listening I somehow feel like she's telling a story about someone whose immersed in this really vapid world of decadence but is kind of trying to squelch the personal realizations of their growing weakness by diappearing into the hip dancing masses that will only ever see their strong sparkly Warrior of the night facade.

And plus, like she's totally flung this door of insecurity wide open for me. Whenever I listen to her stuff all i wanna do is dance, be beautiful, be strong and fight crime in a Metropolis inspired golden spandex body suit. Yup, Kudos Lady Gaga, you be dope.

Which leads me to the next topic!


Suddenly, being inspired by pop stars, science fiction divas and the growing world of internet make up gurus I to have fallen victim to the world of cosmetics. I can't really place exactly when this obsession started, really only in the last week but it CONSUMES ME! I love packaging, I love colors, brushes, sparkles OOOHH HOW I WANT TO ROLL MYSELF IN A VAT OF GLITTER! Again, for most of my life I've always felt like a total boy-child when it comes to putting makeup on, but theres just something really light and fun about taking the time to put yourself together in the morning and knowing that you have Ralph Lauren makeup bag full of magic to do it. Realize that this could be financially devastating so have been taking it slow and trying to learn more than buy, but OOOooohhh everythings so pretty. Its like being a kid in a candy shop. Would have never thought in a million years that I'd be actually calling numerous MAC cosmetic locations to track down a limited edition lipstick. Am slightly ashamed but frankly have been taking myself waayyy too seriously lately so I just wanna be a 13 year old girl for a little while ok :)

Fritz Lang

In my German Expressionism class we watched a film on the Director Fritz Lang who made the famous films Metropolis and M. He was Such a brilliant and crazy man. Like in the documentary they had clips of Metropolis and I was literally sniffling into my sleeve because it was somehow so gut wrenching watching this female android slowly walk out. Its so simple, but the black and white, swelling music and just how alien the android woman was just overwhelmed me emotionally. So basically I'm just glad that this eye-patched fellow existed, because A) He totally reastablished the power of art in my eyes and B) makes me brim with pride that Germany played such an important role in cinematic and art history.

Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham was the second artist to make me wanna sob with happiness. My Printing teacher brought in these limited edition books with Arthur Rackham's illustrations and they were so elegant and scary. Again saw what art could do, how color and design and the realization of characters could enrich the human experience and wind together with other creative endeovers to allow people to transcende where they are, or to just have their imaginations kickstarted, Baaaaahhh so good!!


Last but not least, the last key to happiness seems to be sleeping. Being able to wake up in a puffy mound of blankets and pillows and cozily stretch till wide awake is absolute bliss. BLISS I SAY!

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