Thursday, August 6, 2009

And then the popsicle fell!

As you may not know my summer job is being a camp assistant at a long lineup of german summer programs. Really my boss (a.k.a my mother, yeah I'm that cool) is such a rad teacher that she rarely needs my help when it comes to controlling the young masses. Thus my time has been spent sitting around with the kids and just you know listening to their mini-dramas, doodling and reading picture books. On just such an occasion one of the girls, Jackie, came over not wanting to play on the playground, so we sat in the shade and made beasts in my sketchbook. Hers is on the right and is just about a million times more brilliant. I hope she doesn't mind I'm uploading this... hmmm 

Another something done while I was supposedly working lol. I am by no means a comic artist but sometimes you just wanna kick it old school and have some story boxes. And No I don't hide behind mailboxes and stalk folks, they just have sentimental value. 

Haha So this woman/ friend who's son I tutor was at my house for this epic German Smorgasbord. She checks up on me so she asked if she could see my art, so there I was all aghast and flustered while practically falling all over at myself to show her. Am pretty sure she didn't like any of it though, which I understand because all my work is really tiny and unremarkable, ahaha and like in odd little crumpled piles ontop of my bookcase. BUT I WAS SO HAPPY TO SHOW SOMEONE IN PERSON! For being known as "the artist" in my family and Washington friends, very few actually ever ask to see my art!  But I guess when you leave the sva nest you have to come to the sad conclusion that most people just don't care about comics or images. 

Or atleast not directly. Actually our society is infinitely saturated with pictures and colors that influence everything from mood to expectations... am always flip flopping whether art is a legitimately important thing to pursue or if it really is only something completely silly that contributes nothing to humanity. Oh don't bother with this entry, I really just wanted to type and share some pictures. 

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  1. (A) Jackie's monster so blows yours out of the water at a monumental scale.
    (B) Diggin the mailbox monster.
    (C) You never really showed me your work even when I asked.