Monday, August 17, 2009

So I'm wearing this burger hat.

Alright, so I was reading this blog called Coilhouse and the webmistress uploaded a video of this fellow cosplaying and playing this huge custom bass guitar. First of all I was mesmerized by this man's perfect legs and how body wise he made a better little girl than I EVER have been, with the exception of his face that clearly is boyish. Anyway when I went to go see what the comments were that were left on youtube they basically alternated between "Is he Gay?" and "Dang that boy can play!" 

So this ended up making me think about if he actually was gay, and if I cared, because oddly I really want him to be super chill and straight to balance out all the folks that are that insecure. Plus, i guess that kind of confidence is attractive. AND THEN I just went down this whole train of thought plot wise. What is gender? Is it the gender under the clothes or like the personality traits? Etc. Etc. 

So now I just want to write this epic love story/ comic about the cute girly boy, whos secretly badass and brings down homophobic punks with his glorious yellow guitar in dark alley ways behind a nameless burlesque studios and then lovingly swarthes his woman in his mounds of frills. Maybe this will happen, most likely not, but enjoy this man's bouncy joyous (totally not as epic as my character's) undertones of goofiness anyway. <3


  1. Doubt he is gay, just an otaku. But damn he's got some good legs! Still pondering weather or not the fact that I knew what anime the song came from only from the first couple of beats was a good thing or not. :P

  2. Oh, and I quite enjoy your little colored duo up top.