Thursday, August 27, 2009

I don't like it cheap.

Ok... so I epically fail at the sexy thing all right? Yeah I do. I cower in forfeit, especially after reading such comics as Chester 5000 XYV, Curvy and the few pumped out by Junko Mizuno. What they all have in common is this simple, attractive style and type of story telling that appeals to the romantic and sexually frantic. Having seen my fair share of smut, I like these artists, and others like them because unlike the billions of videos and pictures that can really disenchant one about sex, they leave you feeling naughty but totally not ashamed. Feeding the mind and body is a much more hollistic approach to erotica. Though, yes, the situations depicted are often super dramatized theres still this inkling of truth that the old shag n' bang industry just doesn't have. 

Lets switch gears a little bit. So yesterday I went to go hang out with a friend and we saw Afghan Star, a film about the first talent based American Idol-esque show to air Afghanistan after the rule of the Taliban. This is a huge deal because apparently music (!!!) had been banned, MUSIC!! and people could call in and vote, HELLO DEMOCRACY! Anyway, there were two woman contestants. When the first one, Setara, was kicked off she had to sing a farewell song. 

And so she starts, sort of swaying side to side from foot to foot to the beat and sings, and throws her head scarf off and continues to dance with all this emotion. Behind the scenes an entire country is shaking its head. Though music has been grudgingly approved dancing is out of the question. She is considered a floozy, loose and a huge threat to morals of the country, such a huge threat that there are death threats. All this for dancing! And not even sexy dancing! It's insane that such small actions are so revolutionary, but I guess they're not that small in such situations.

So I don't know. I was super humbled when I walked out of there and relieved that I have the potential to become this full human being in the open. Just looking down at what I was wearing, thinking of what I write and read and talk openly about with those around me, dang WE ARE SO LUCKY! hahhhh am glad I have the freedom to show you my badly photoshopped art :)

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