Saturday, August 15, 2009

The creepy entry.

Like many, I practice the ancient japanese art of cute phone accessories, and my newest little tidbit is the little bugger pictured above. Many would look and go "oohhh how cute, an animal in an animal suit!" Now don't be so naieve! What I wear dangling about my cell-phone is no vapid sentiment meant to make me look "kawaii". Oh no, what you see here is really a totem of how warped our society is! It has become all the rage to depict folks wearing animal suits, but it's really a barbaric idea to STRIP the skin of another living creature and WEAR it. Humans I think are the only ones who actually do it anymore as a means to decorate out bodies, however back in the day of course we were literally wearing the fur of others because we had no fur (and still don't)! 

Human's are a definitive fail in the area of cool body structures like teeth, fur, whiskers and claws. Maybe this is why people so like to differentiate themselves from nature. We close ourselves in our houses, move via wheels and communicate without talking or body language via text. Thus our bodies don't need the same survival mechanisms because all our best evolved traits are outside, aka our tools and technology. But take a step back and you see that instead of us evolving, our technology does. Computers advance, medicine evolves etc etc. I'm not saying that our bodies arn't changing at all over the eons, just that it is more evident in our technological advances. Natural selection can be applied to how far we make it up the social ladder, and if you take even another step back you see that all of humanity is just a hive of sorts. None of us really know that much at all, or make much of a difference, but together we are a force to be reckoned with. Oop, ranting again. Sorry about that! 

Anyway, seeing another animal do the whole skin stealing thing would just be disturbing. For instance it would be quite scary to see a a wolf actually actually wearing the clothes of a sheep. I think the visual of wearing another's skin conjurs up this whole malicious bloodthirstiness and cunning that either screams silence of the lambs (!!!) or a metaphorical struggle for survival.

See this is actually what my keychain looks like:  

Now what would happen if an animal challenged our superiority and stole a human's skin?


  1. Hah, I can't believe you actually did this. I love it!

  2. So the first picture is AWESOME. I totally love it. Love it.