Saturday, August 22, 2009


my circus!
The concept is a lot more interesting than the image, but since this blog is supposed to document the good and the bad of my art and life and whatever I figured sharing it wouldn't hurt too bad. This summer I've been reading a much about the lives of performers in the circus and vaudeville and I'm always fascinated by the wide range of folk that travel about. It seems like the absolute greatest kind of life. Where you do something beautiful for people and then pack all your things, get on a train and and start again in a whole new exotic place. Think of all the stories and people you'd meet! 


  1. I'm just curious, I mean this in the most benevolent way possible, but what's up with the boobs? What about their aesthetic makes you like them so much?

  2. don't actually know... I guess on the aesthetic level I just like the roundness of them, how they fall and are bouncy. They're just such happy little (or big) jiggly structures :)