Friday, August 28, 2009

The First Mix.

Hello there readers! Summer is almost over and with just under a week before I leave and go back to the East Coast for school I would like to share with you the soundtrack for said summer. Special thanks to my musical Obi Wan Kenobi (Mandy) who is constantly thrusting good music into my lazy ears.

Hope you all enjoy! If not, bummer.
Songs for the uk (a summer compilation) <3
===Track list===
(1) West Coast - Coconut Records                              
(2) Keep it Real - Leslie Hall                                       
(3) Alma Song - Pwrfl Power                                       
(4) Fucking Boyfriend - The Bird and the Bee           
(5) Ghost Under Rocks - Ra Ra Riot                            
(6) Aruarian Dance - Nujabes, Fat Jon & Minmi       
(7) Chinese - Lily Allen                                                   
(8) Rymden I En Lada - Detektivebran                        
(9) Major Tom - Shiny Toy Guns                                   
(10) Invisible Shadow - Hollow Jan                                  
(11) Little Bit (feat. Lykke Li) - Drake                             
(12) S'Vive - Bibio                                                                 
(13) I'm in Miami Bitch - LMFAO                                      
(14) That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings                       
(15) Hang You From The Heavens - The Dead Weather
(16) goodbye song - Moldy Peaches                                   

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I don't like it cheap.

Ok... so I epically fail at the sexy thing all right? Yeah I do. I cower in forfeit, especially after reading such comics as Chester 5000 XYV, Curvy and the few pumped out by Junko Mizuno. What they all have in common is this simple, attractive style and type of story telling that appeals to the romantic and sexually frantic. Having seen my fair share of smut, I like these artists, and others like them because unlike the billions of videos and pictures that can really disenchant one about sex, they leave you feeling naughty but totally not ashamed. Feeding the mind and body is a much more hollistic approach to erotica. Though, yes, the situations depicted are often super dramatized theres still this inkling of truth that the old shag n' bang industry just doesn't have. 

Lets switch gears a little bit. So yesterday I went to go hang out with a friend and we saw Afghan Star, a film about the first talent based American Idol-esque show to air Afghanistan after the rule of the Taliban. This is a huge deal because apparently music (!!!) had been banned, MUSIC!! and people could call in and vote, HELLO DEMOCRACY! Anyway, there were two woman contestants. When the first one, Setara, was kicked off she had to sing a farewell song. 

And so she starts, sort of swaying side to side from foot to foot to the beat and sings, and throws her head scarf off and continues to dance with all this emotion. Behind the scenes an entire country is shaking its head. Though music has been grudgingly approved dancing is out of the question. She is considered a floozy, loose and a huge threat to morals of the country, such a huge threat that there are death threats. All this for dancing! And not even sexy dancing! It's insane that such small actions are so revolutionary, but I guess they're not that small in such situations.

So I don't know. I was super humbled when I walked out of there and relieved that I have the potential to become this full human being in the open. Just looking down at what I was wearing, thinking of what I write and read and talk openly about with those around me, dang WE ARE SO LUCKY! hahhhh am glad I have the freedom to show you my badly photoshopped art :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


my circus!
The concept is a lot more interesting than the image, but since this blog is supposed to document the good and the bad of my art and life and whatever I figured sharing it wouldn't hurt too bad. This summer I've been reading a much about the lives of performers in the circus and vaudeville and I'm always fascinated by the wide range of folk that travel about. It seems like the absolute greatest kind of life. Where you do something beautiful for people and then pack all your things, get on a train and and start again in a whole new exotic place. Think of all the stories and people you'd meet! 

Monday, August 17, 2009

So I'm wearing this burger hat.

Alright, so I was reading this blog called Coilhouse and the webmistress uploaded a video of this fellow cosplaying and playing this huge custom bass guitar. First of all I was mesmerized by this man's perfect legs and how body wise he made a better little girl than I EVER have been, with the exception of his face that clearly is boyish. Anyway when I went to go see what the comments were that were left on youtube they basically alternated between "Is he Gay?" and "Dang that boy can play!" 

So this ended up making me think about if he actually was gay, and if I cared, because oddly I really want him to be super chill and straight to balance out all the folks that are that insecure. Plus, i guess that kind of confidence is attractive. AND THEN I just went down this whole train of thought plot wise. What is gender? Is it the gender under the clothes or like the personality traits? Etc. Etc. 

So now I just want to write this epic love story/ comic about the cute girly boy, whos secretly badass and brings down homophobic punks with his glorious yellow guitar in dark alley ways behind a nameless burlesque studios and then lovingly swarthes his woman in his mounds of frills. Maybe this will happen, most likely not, but enjoy this man's bouncy joyous (totally not as epic as my character's) undertones of goofiness anyway. <3

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The creepy entry.

Like many, I practice the ancient japanese art of cute phone accessories, and my newest little tidbit is the little bugger pictured above. Many would look and go "oohhh how cute, an animal in an animal suit!" Now don't be so naieve! What I wear dangling about my cell-phone is no vapid sentiment meant to make me look "kawaii". Oh no, what you see here is really a totem of how warped our society is! It has become all the rage to depict folks wearing animal suits, but it's really a barbaric idea to STRIP the skin of another living creature and WEAR it. Humans I think are the only ones who actually do it anymore as a means to decorate out bodies, however back in the day of course we were literally wearing the fur of others because we had no fur (and still don't)! 

Human's are a definitive fail in the area of cool body structures like teeth, fur, whiskers and claws. Maybe this is why people so like to differentiate themselves from nature. We close ourselves in our houses, move via wheels and communicate without talking or body language via text. Thus our bodies don't need the same survival mechanisms because all our best evolved traits are outside, aka our tools and technology. But take a step back and you see that instead of us evolving, our technology does. Computers advance, medicine evolves etc etc. I'm not saying that our bodies arn't changing at all over the eons, just that it is more evident in our technological advances. Natural selection can be applied to how far we make it up the social ladder, and if you take even another step back you see that all of humanity is just a hive of sorts. None of us really know that much at all, or make much of a difference, but together we are a force to be reckoned with. Oop, ranting again. Sorry about that! 

Anyway, seeing another animal do the whole skin stealing thing would just be disturbing. For instance it would be quite scary to see a a wolf actually actually wearing the clothes of a sheep. I think the visual of wearing another's skin conjurs up this whole malicious bloodthirstiness and cunning that either screams silence of the lambs (!!!) or a metaphorical struggle for survival.

See this is actually what my keychain looks like:  

Now what would happen if an animal challenged our superiority and stole a human's skin?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

And then the popsicle fell!

As you may not know my summer job is being a camp assistant at a long lineup of german summer programs. Really my boss (a.k.a my mother, yeah I'm that cool) is such a rad teacher that she rarely needs my help when it comes to controlling the young masses. Thus my time has been spent sitting around with the kids and just you know listening to their mini-dramas, doodling and reading picture books. On just such an occasion one of the girls, Jackie, came over not wanting to play on the playground, so we sat in the shade and made beasts in my sketchbook. Hers is on the right and is just about a million times more brilliant. I hope she doesn't mind I'm uploading this... hmmm 

Another something done while I was supposedly working lol. I am by no means a comic artist but sometimes you just wanna kick it old school and have some story boxes. And No I don't hide behind mailboxes and stalk folks, they just have sentimental value. 

Haha So this woman/ friend who's son I tutor was at my house for this epic German Smorgasbord. She checks up on me so she asked if she could see my art, so there I was all aghast and flustered while practically falling all over at myself to show her. Am pretty sure she didn't like any of it though, which I understand because all my work is really tiny and unremarkable, ahaha and like in odd little crumpled piles ontop of my bookcase. BUT I WAS SO HAPPY TO SHOW SOMEONE IN PERSON! For being known as "the artist" in my family and Washington friends, very few actually ever ask to see my art!  But I guess when you leave the sva nest you have to come to the sad conclusion that most people just don't care about comics or images. 

Or atleast not directly. Actually our society is infinitely saturated with pictures and colors that influence everything from mood to expectations... am always flip flopping whether art is a legitimately important thing to pursue or if it really is only something completely silly that contributes nothing to humanity. Oh don't bother with this entry, I really just wanted to type and share some pictures. 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Quickie of of Conservationist

I have this theory that there's a direct correlation between the number of surviving polar bears and the number of existing gentlemen.